Director / Cinematographer


Directed by Steve Acevedo :: Written by Alfredo Barrios, Jr. :: Starring Jacob Vargas
TRT: 15 min. Contact: 210.710.0700 ::

When Eduardo, a Mexican journalist who has reported on the corrupt ties between the cartels and the military, is pressured to reveal the names of his sources, he flees to the U.S. with his young son. Little does he know that hot on his trail is Raul, a cartel sicario dispatched to assassinate him. In a cruel twist of fate, Eduardo must succumb to his darkest impulses in order to protect himself and his son.

WINNER Best Short Film :: Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (Academy Award Qualifier 2015)
WINNER Best Short Film (Honorable Mention) :: CineFestival
WINNER Best Action Film :: Hollyshorts Film Festival
WINNER Best Short Film :: Action on Film Festival

Produced by Woody Andrews & Stacey Crawford :: Steve Acevedo & Alfredo Barrios, Jr.
Director of Photography :: Armando Salas
Production Designer :: Ricardo Jattan
Editor :: Steven Lang
Costume Designer :: Gillian Zwick
Original Score by :: Jason Murgo
Fight Coordinator :: Hans Marrero
Casting Director :: Karen RyanType your paragraph here.